Electric Grass and Lianas

Our range of electrograss is an ingenious solution to protect plants and enclosure perimeters.

The grasses are designed as clusters of wire tentacles that are connected to an energizer, thereby functioning like an electric fence.

These grasses can be placed discretely around or in between plants to offer protection against consumption by the enclosed animals. 

The electroliana is virtually indistinguishable from natural lianas, yet offers electric fencing tentacles, and can be used to protect against escape from the enclosure, by covering trees, or by running the liana along the edge or walls of the enclosure. 

With the help of Electrograss, electric fences can be designed invisible for the visitor’s eyes. Depending on individual requirements, we can offer protective fences in heights from 0,3 to 3 metres. 

For the protection of planted areas, trees and security glass. Boundary for dry and wet trenches.

With the help of Electrolianas it is easy to protect tree-trunks, tree tops or single branches unobtrusively. 

The electrograss is made of stainless steel and plastic material, and has a long service life.


Technical Description

Item name:
Electro Grass & Lianas

Electric grass for keeping animals out of areas or off of fencing

Short Grass Rock,
Short Grass M,
Short Grass D,
Long Grass S,
Long Grass M,
Long Grass L,
ElectroBamboo S, ElectroBamboo M, ElectorLiana A/Normal Base, ElectorLiana A/Thick Base, ElectorLiana B/Normal Base, ElectorLiana B/Thick Base, ElectorLiana C/Normal Base, ElectorLiana C/Thick Base, Climbing Liana doubly, Climbing Liana triple, Climbing Liana triple Sprial, End Cap for Electro Liana, Mounting piece for liana

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