Hard Wood Tree Stumps

The stumps are perfect for themeing enclosures and tropical houses and for constructing climbing structures for animals and visitors a like.



All timber is sustainably and legally extracted. These impressive stumps are a sustainable bi-product of the teak and other hard wood timber trades, from over 50 years ago. The trunks are removed by elephants; there by protecting the surrounding habitat and supporting the up keep of working elephants in Thailand.



Size:                                         Various
Eg. quantity in 20 ft container  Height (m)     Diameter (m)       Quantity
XX Large pieces                         3-4 m              Up to 1.5 m         4-5
Medium pieces                          1-2 m              Up to 1 m            appr. 10
Small pieces                               Up to 1 m       Up to 0.4 m         appr. 50

Order Time:                             1-2 months
Transportation:                         This price does not include transport from Dk.
Terms of payment:                    With in 8 days of invoice issue date.
                                                 50% deposit required for full container orders.

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