Company Profile

HMJ Zoo Design is a Danish company set up more than 25 yeas ago by director, Henrik M. Jensen and his wife, Anette. WE started up with a personal passion for importing and distributing exciting handicrafts and furniture; however a personal commitment and interest in zoo conservation, means the company is now dedicated to providing a tailor made, quality service for the European zoo community.

By constructing and decorating your zoo with sustainably harvested, fairly traded natural materials, you will demonstrate, to your visitors, your commitment to conservation of our natural inviroment, while creating an exciting and inspiring recreational environment.
— Henrik M. Jensen

our great team

Henrik Mønsted Jensen  Owner & Managing Director

Henrik Mønsted Jensen
Owner & Managing Director

Mikkel Ravn, M.A.  International Sales Manager

Mikkel Ravn, M.A.
International Sales Manager

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Thomas Hvidtfeldt
Sales Manager - Germany


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Dorthe Vinther Olsen
Finance & bookkeeping


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Anamaria Georgiana Tamasan                Finance & bookkeeping

Anette Stubberup Jensen  Office & bookkeeping

Anette Stubberup Jensen
Office & bookkeeping

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Thomas Hvidfeldt
Sales Manager - Germany


Arne Juul Jensen  Chairman of the board

Arne Juul Jensen
Chairman of the board

Liana Maria Turiga  Graphic Design

Liana Maria Turiga
Graphic Design


We aim to provide European Zoos with, high quality, good value, authentic, environmentally friendly and fairly traded, themeing, decoration & building materials, from around the world.
— Henrik M. Jensen


Inspiring shop and show room

HMJ is happy to sponsor your first visit to us - so you can get at better feel and understanding of our company and products.

Building materials installation and maintenance advice.

To cut down on labour costs HMJ is happy to provide you with the information needed to do installations or constructions in house.

Shop/cafe layout advice and themeing and design

With over 15 years experience in shop/cafe outfitting, HMJ can advise you on how to improve sales and create a more exciting zoo retail environment. 


HMJ can give you quotes for unique themeing concepts for your whole zoo or individual enclosures, play areas, cafes, bar & shops etc. Check out our web site, past project photos CD or showroom for examples.


We offer very competitive prices for whole
container orders, delivered direct to your door from our producers.

Trading Policy

HMJ Zoo Design buy their products directly from the local manufacturers, these are usually families, communities or small companies in over 10 countries. By cutting out the middleman, HMJ secure fair prices for their producers, while still being able to offer highly competitive prices to their customers. In this way HMJ also supports local skills + traditions and guarantees the customer an authentic product with a real story, at a reasonable price. All raw materials and products are sustainably sourced. All production processes are safe to both producer + end-user.

We at Fiber Roofing cc are very proud to acknowledge that HMJ Design is one of our family members in our, Fiber Roofing’s Exceptional Enterprises Network. There are more than 60 distributors, retailers and contractors located throughout the world who carry our product and represent our brand.
Fiber Roofing has over the past forty years built on its own reputation by manufacturing products and providing a standard of service to protect those they serve, employ and network with. HMJ Design has played a key role to help build our brand worldwide, this is contributed to our mutual common goals of providing quality products and promoting fairness for employees and end-users.
— Daniel C. Vorster, C.E.O., Fiber Roofing cc, South Africa

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Ask us for a copy of our full Ethical Trading Policy or read it here >>