Creeper Wine Lianas

It is excellent for decorating aquaria, vivaria and small mammal exhibits, giving animals an interesting and natural climbing substrate. It can be soaked and re-shaped to follow what ever form is desired.

Product information

This real dried liana (creeper wine) is sustainably harvested from areas of abundance in Thailand and provides fair trade for small farming families. 

A) Small lianas in rolls - packed in pallet crates
To bring you the best value for money for your liana, by reducing handling and transport costs, we can now supply liana packed in pallet crates in Indonesia, ready to be shipped directly to you.

Each roll:                           2.5-5 cm diameter; 4 -7 m long
Roughly 50 rolls:               200 meters per pallet (approximately)
Pallet crate size:                 1m x 1 m x 2m
Order Time:                      3 months – unless in stock
Transportation:                 This price does not include transport from Dk.
Terms of payment:             With in 8 days of invoice issue date.

B) Small lianas in 3m straight pieces - packed in crates
These straight pieces although shorter than those mentioned above, can be easier to manage and therefore do not need soaking in water to get them out of the coil shape (the pieces above come in).

Each piece:                        5 - 6 cm diameter; 3 m long approx.
Roughly 20 - 22 pieces:     73 metres per crate (approximately)
Crate size:                          3.52 m x 0.56m x 0.56m
12 of these long crates per container plus 4 of the tall pallet crates of liana rolls to fill the container
Order Time:                       3 months – unless in stock
Transportation:                  This price does not include transport from Dk.
Terms of payment:             With in 8 days of invoice issue date.

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