Asian songbird crisis

HMJ Design supports EAZA Silent Forest Campaign



SPECIAL OFFER for EAZA Silent Forest Campaign 2017-2019

By request from the initiators of the Silent Forest Campaign, HMJ Design have sourced a collection of bird cages, that can be used for the presentation and thematization of exhibits to educate the public about the problem of dwindling numbers of songbirds in South-East Asian Forests.

HMJ Design will donate €200 for every sold pallet to EAZA Song Bird Campaign.

The bird cages are handmade in Indonesia by small familly cooperatives.
Min. order 1 EUR-Pallet (size 120 x 80 x 250 cm)
The pallet contains 3 sets of each model - 45 bird cages in total.
Price for delivery at your Zoo anywhere in Europe 1960 €.