Pinaldo RubberFence

PINALDO RubberFence is an electric fencing wire with a highly conductive, hard-rubber jacket.

Pinaldo RubberFence solves many traditional problems with fencing, such as short-circuiting, derivation of flow and environmental problems.

It is the perfect solution for animal fencing. It keeps the intruders out and the fenced animals in.

Pinaldo RubberFence is useful for public zoos and wildlife parks as well as for the private animal owner.

This means, for instance, that the fence wire can be placed very close to the ground, without any significant loss of current, even if there is a substantial amount of moist vegetation touching the fence.

In addition, the rubber wire is made of materials that are fully weather resistant with an extremely high           UV-protection and it can easily be rolled up and moved.

The properties of the Pinaldo RubberFence wire have been tested and confirmed by the Danish Technological Institute.


Technical Description

Item name:
Pinaldo RubberFence

Will not short-circuit:

• by lying on the ground
• by vegetation growing up touching the fence
• even contact with water will not influence the conductivity

Pinaldo RubberFence consists of electrically conductive rubber with a core of 7 ultra-thin, tinned-copper threads.
The conductive rubber carries the electricity with the copper
core acting as a backup, and also giving structural stability to the rubber.

Colour: Black
Length per roll: 250 m. or by special order

Diameter: 4.3 mm.
Resistance: 0,017 ohm/m Breaking point 400 N / 40 kp
The fence is unaffected by temperature fluctuations.

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