RubberGuard is a new type of fencing product, using electrically conductive rubber.

The rubber has a very low resistance of 0,017 Ohms, is very robust and extremely UV-resistant. The product is
shaped as a 35 cm wide and 0,5 cm thick rubber mat.

The back side and 5 cm wide edges of the front side are electrically isolated, enabling attachment to a wide variety of materials or structures. The middle 25 cm of the front side is conductive, and can be used in conjunction with any traditional energizer.

Unlike traditional electric fencing, the very low resistance of the product will allow it to remain functional, even if it is short circuited by e.g. water, vegetation or even by intentional attempts at shorting the system...


Technical Description

Item name:

Width: 35 cm
Thickness: 5,5 mm
Backside: Insulating
Frontside: Middle 25 cm are conductive, with a 5 cm
non-conductive strip on each side
Resistance: 0,017 Ohms
Colour: Black
UV resistant: +30 years lifespan in laboratory tests
No pollutants - Only carbon, copper threads and rubber
Tested by the Danish Technological Institute

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