Skeleton Strangler-Fig Wood - also for interior decorations

This exciting new product will provide an stimulating climbing frame/ behavioural enrichment tool, for a variety of species, as well as it making enclosures more attractive and interesting for the visitors. Also available as furniture and/ or varnished for interior decoration – contact us for photos and prices.



This extremely fast growing timber is sustainably, selectively and legally extracted from abundant forest areas of Java. They are extracted once the host tree has died naturally, leaving the skeleton’ structure behind.


A) Individual trunks

  • Size: 2 - 4m high x 40-80cm diameter.
  • Minimum order: 3 pieces


B) Full Container

Quantity:                = approx. 25 pieces per container

Order Time:           3 months

Transportation:       Not included from Denmark.

Terms of payment: With in 8 days of invoice issue date.

50% deposit required for full container orders.

Contact:                Henrik for specific quotes for transport from DK, container prices and interior deco, trunks and/ or furniture.

Also available as furniture and/or varnished for interior decoration.

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