Tunnel Mesh

The Tunnel mesh system is a revolutionary, new concept that consists of stainless steel wire mesh hand spliced into a round tunnel shape.

Steel rings are inserted into the tunnel mesh to make it expand, and to provide suspension points.

Tunnel mesh can thus be used to create floating pathways which are suspended from trees, steel posts, or from other existing zoo structures.

The tunnels can be used to expand the space within which the animals can move, and thus allow the animals to express their innate behaviour with a greater degree of freedom, which has historically proven to be a big challenge in zoological parks, since parks by their very nature offer only a limited space. However, the possibilities of Tunnel mesh reach farther than just a mere expansion of roaming space.

With Tunnel mesh, smaller species-specific enclosures can now be connected to bigger spaces, which can be shared by multiple species at different times of day by controlling the access to the bigger space. This also has implications for zoo design and architectural planning, since a zoo can now be planned around several big ’hubs’ which have different inhabitants throughout the day. 

We have expanded the range with three new mesh sizes for a total of 9 different sizes, spread across three different diameters of 50, 75 and 100 cm, to accommodate a wider variety of species that can safely use the system, please see the corresponding price list for details.



technical specification

Item name:
Tunnel mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh hand woven into a round tunnel shape.


Tube Ring (including two bolts every ring)

  • 50cm(20x1.5mm)

  • 75cm(25x2.0mm)

  • 100cm(30x2.0mm)

Hand Woven Mesh SS 304 (Black Oxide)

  • 1.6x25x25mm

  • 1.6x30x30mm

  • 1.6x40x40mm

  • 2.0x25x25mm

  • 2.0x30x30mm

  • 2.0x40x40mm

  • 2.5x30x30mm

  • 2.5x40x40mm

  • 2.5x50x50mm

Suspension Wire (Black Oxide)

  • 10mm


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