Ape Feeding Machine - a great and important stimulation for great apes.

This feeding machine provides enrichment and activity for great apes.

With the aid of a small stick or similar tool, great apes can manipulate pieces of food across several stories and obstacles, through small slots machined in the sides of the machine. 

The apes thus get an opportunity to behave in a manner that is commensurate with their intellect. Something which is otherwise not easily achieved in captivity.

The transparent side plates are made from an impact and UV resistant material.

In the lockable compartment on top of the machine, there is a removable, rechargeable automatic food dispenser, which can be timed to release up to ten portions of food.

Release intervals can be set between 17 and 136 minutes.

Everything is sturdily built from stainless steel and other hard wearing materials for long service life. Since the machine runs on a rechargeable battery, connection to the power grid is not necessary.

The machine is engineered and produced in Germany, is serviceable for long life, and can be customized to fit your needs.


Quality stainless steel feeding device for apes, designed and crafted in Germany

The food (e.g.:Nuts, dry fruits + pellets) is placed in an battery powered automatic dispenser at the 
top of the device.

Food portions, comprising of 10 pieces each, are released into the device by a timecontrolled
unit over 3 to 12 hour period. The subjects are then required to manipulate the food by the
use of tools (i.e. sticks) in order to get the food items down to the next level of the device.

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